Hi, I’m Anika. I’m on a listening tour for The Future Culture Institute.

My work is in exploring the trajectory of emergent cultures. Specifically, I’m developing tools and partnerships for creating entertainment that

  • elevates and expands the imagination

  • prompts deep reflection on values and aspirations, and

  • boosts collective agency to collaborate towards optimistic visions of the future.

Efforts to develop human intelligence are worthy of at least equal attention as that being spent on developing machine intelligence. If you’re working in this area, I’d love to support in spreading the word about your efforts. This is vital work as we transition into the age of AI. We urgently need to up our game in steering the trajectory of our species’ minds.

If you’re interested in similar things, message me. I’ll happily share my theory of change and process, and I’d love hear your thoughts and what you’re into.

Tweet me @anikasai. Email me on anika.saigal at gmail.

p.s. Here’s an upcoming design jam. It’d be great to host this at a cultural institution. Can you offer an inspiring space? Lmk :)