I’m organizing a discussion series on how AI, social media, and entertainment can be used to improve cognitive liberty. Here’s the schedule; join us!


I’m looking into cybercultures and the ethics and opportunities in producing media for “counterdeception”. This involves exploring the societal need for a Partnership on Future Cultures. And it involves a study on where we’re at in the development of brain-computer interfaces. I sometimes get sidetracked digging into


I’m studying systems, networks, and behavioural economics. I find myself scribbling in the margins - applying what I’m reading to understanding relationships, communities, industries, cities. This book, in its simplicity, is excellent.


I’m big into collaboration, and acknowledging the generous many behind the seemingly-lone hero. I’m co-writing a piece on karaoke - such is my love for the opportunity it presents for active inclusivity, catharsis, and cheer. I’m obsessed with learning about cities (especially through locals) and spaces that encourage serendipity of interaction and connection. I’ve been a podcast addict since 2014. Rather than focusing on what’s wrong, I like visualizing things going excellently, and asking: what does that look like and how did we get there?


My most dense concentration of inspirers can be found at the Embassy SF - a shared home experimenting in new modes of solidarity and governance.


Thinking in Systems by Donella Meadows, Homodeus by Yuval Harari, and, bit by bit, Ursula le Guin’s translation of the Tao Te Chin by Lao Tzu.


If you’d like to get in touch, you can find me on Twitter or email anika.saigal at gmail.

EF Model - AngelList - why interested? Fascinated by human behavior and systems/games


Cybercultures : media, education, inspiration


  • Nourishing entertainment: The Good Place, Mr Rogers’ Neighborhood, Matrix,

  • Collaboration - no lone heroes - everyone got help, worked with other awesome people, had their ideas informed

Cities - love cities - love getting to know their history, the nooks no-one knows about, the people - I’ll happily get to know the bar staff, the owner of a corner-shop, the local who’s been coming for 40 years.

Karaoke - why? My philosophy on karaoke

Studying :

  • systems thinking, networked systems, ecosystems of cooperation

  • behavioral economics, social psychology, persuasion, rhetoric


  • South Park, Star Trek, … Can there be a White Mirror? Possibilities for the future - the flip-side of each show & what it takes to get there?