new event: calm sunday

Proposed a gathering for when we want to be quietly alone, but together — around happily familiar others who want the same.

Calm Sunday — an alternative to meeting to do something together. Gather with no expectation to be doing the same thing, and no pressure to interact. We move to the kitchen if we need to chat. In the living room, quietly do your thing, be it work or play, and try to temper your fizzing sense of satisfaction at doing what you wanna be doing, around the warm energy of other people who are glad to have you there.

I brew a pot of tea. You bring your books, laptop, journal, music/film (+headphones), sketching pencils… Whatever you like, as long as it’s quiet. And we just be together @EmbassyNetwork Berlin. Indulge your inner ambivert.

Optional: bring snacks/drinks you’d like, break to join in 15 mins of calming yoga when we need a stretch.

Alt name for this: Kimonos and Cans. Come round wearing your pjs/sweatpants/kimonos (fancy ;)) and some solid headphones to make clear you’re not down for a natter - at least, until it’s time for tea.