explained: intentional community

I’ve spent the past year architecting and building an intentional community home in Berlin. My interest in sharing home doesn’t necessarily mean I’d push for this sort of arrangement ongoing for everyone. Even repeated finite stints living together like this can be character-developing in the discovery it offers of living with abundance (of care, as well as of resources); the potential in serendipitous intellectual exchange and collaboration with housemates; the attunement to social dynamics and resistance to hierarchy in the home. It can lead to growth in interpersonal skills, critical thinking, inclusionary behaviours, listening ability, and compassion.

Intentional community living can offer:

  • A sense of home and belonging

  • Friendship and abundance of care

  • Evolving spaces for critical thinking

  • Serendipity of learning

  • Natural evolution of collaboration on projects

  • Experimentation in systems of governance, cooperation and social dynamics

This post needs more detail. I’ll get around to this.