trying our best from where we are

If this resonates, it may be nice to be reminded others are experiencing the same: Spent the day focused on stuff I'm lucky enough to get to work on, but was aware of a quiet background sadness today. No big deal. No notable reason to point to - nothing had changed from yesterday, and yesterday was good. Reason for sharing:

A while ago, I wrote something that prompted a lot of people to acknowledge their fears of ever posting anything less than happy/successful, or anything that doesn't reflect what they want to be seen to care about.

There's value in occasionally exposing one's fallible, fluctuating humanness. Those who relate - maybe you'll feel less alone swimming through your own fleeting wave of blues. Maybe it'll help you be more at ease with your ups and downs.

It's also a unifying reminder that everyone you know is in this together. We’re figuring out this whole Life thing as we go - sometimes happily clearing the hurdles, other times stumbling; all trying our best from where we are - with the incomplete understanding we have at the time.