experiment: calls with strangers

First posted in a few Facebook groups.

To any friend feeling a little stressed or sad, I have a give... I caught up with a friend recently who's usually upbeat and engaged. He'd gone quiet for two months. I'd assumed it was because he was simply busy with his startup, but later found out that he'd been feeling pretty low. Another friend chose not to connect with anyone whilst she was experiencing work-related exhaustion. And me - last year, I slapped on a smile and chose to avoid mentioning what was really up when I was experiencing something that felt gutting, and tough to process alone. And there are several more instances in the past year of others I know withdrawing when they weren't feeling great - believing it better not to show the side of themselves that isn't perpetually happy.It's easy to get sucked into this belief that you need to seem super upbeat to everyone 100% of the time. Really you don't need to bury your down days. It's okay to let yourself simply be - and feel whatever you're feeling.

I'm working all hours on my startup, but I want to offer 40 minutes on Sundays to anyone who'd like to chat - 40 minutes talking guilt-free about yourself/whatever you like.

Obviously it isn't therapy and it has nothing to do with anything I'm doing - just an opportunity to offload and hear me confirm that you're not insane and that everything's going to be fine.

If there happens to be anyone here who could use this, here's the link.

Edit: Nov 12: Each Sunday slot in my calendar has been booked til the end of January! Given the groups I posted in, they’ll mostly be independent creatives, contract workers, and startup founders.

Edit: Dec 1: Strangers - a few staying anonymous, most not - launch straight in about their fears of not doing or being enough; getting lost in who they tell the world they are, and losing their sense of self; almost all having crises of confidence (if you do too - we all have ‘em - you’re not alone); feeling uncertain in their friendships/feeling alone; wondering whether they’re working on the right thing; generally feeling quietly sad while they put on the “everything’s awesome” mask. Just a note to say, you’re not alone in what you’re experiencing. You’re okay. Make a little space for yourself. x